The Northern threat by Arual Cyer Mayar

Having found an innocent un-shielded Abuk Lual Lual(7),Saber Abu Sam(42) decided to quench his Ramadan thirst on her and clear the living evidence.

May the soul of infant Abuk Lual Lual find peace.?

This incident is so scary and anxious to everyone that has younger siblings,children or friends.

Born and experienced life in the Northern land(Sudan).

Most Sudanese have always seen South Sudanese as nothing but a filthy ”turn_on”

Regardless of age/size,they’ll always attempt to disrespect and lay you down forcefully.

The strong walks,the weak gives up their life for their filthy desires.

South Sudanese have always been sexually abused by them in/out of their land but couldn’t talk because the Sudanese are apparently ”Our Superiors” ,the law can’t win against them.

What’s the reason we gained Independence if not because we were tired of their harsh governance on us?

We as a Nation that has ”The Judiciary System”

Should join hands and seek her justice to end this disrespect and insecurities about sexual harassment in/out of the nation.


Arual Cyer Mayar